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College Inroads Success Stories

Grant Bohls

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Bols Siblings Senior Photo

Kirby Bohls

Texas A&M Graduate Photo

Grant wanted to attend Western State Colorado University. It offered his major Energy Management and there are mountains for skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer—it appeared to be a “perfect fit.”

We attended a seminar by College InRoads and the information they shared changed the course of our son’s life. Selecting and applying to colleges is definitely a game, in order to succeed you have to know how to play and we didn’t. We hired College InRoads to get us in the game.

Their process includes assessments on personality, aptitude, careers, and majors. Much to Grant’s dismay, we discovered that WSCU might not be enough of a challenge and there could be a better fit for him.

A list of universities was recommended and under the guidance of College InRoads, we started the process. The University of Oklahoma and the University of Tulsa were two of the schools, Grant was adamant about not wanting to go to school in Oklahoma. I insisted that we do our homework and visit, if nothing else, it would confirm that WSCO was the “perfect fit.”

We toured both schools and Grant knew that TU was where he wanted to go. A perfect lesson on you don’t miss what you don’t know.  TU has been a fabulous experience and Grant has made friends that will last a lifetime. He recently graduated with Honors and had a job waiting for him.  

Despite that fact that siblings are, on average, 50% genetically similar, they can be so different. Our daughter Kirby didn’t know where she wanted to go to school or what she wanted to study.

College InRoads put together a list of recommended schools and we visited 10. But, there wasn’t an “aha” moment like our son had experienced. With College InRoads help, we compiled lists of possibilities outlining pros & cons. In the end, the perfect school was picked. It didn't take long before she was bleeding maroon at Texas A&M University. Kirby graduated with Honors and will finish her Master's degree in August.

We are extremely proud of the choices our kids have made and look forward to their future success. We will forever be indebted to Annmarie, Mike and the team at College InRoads for their guidance in helping us find the “right college fit.”  

Sherre and Dennis Bohls


We will forever be indebted to Annmarie, Mike and the team at College InRoads for their guidance in helping us find the “right college fit.”  

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